Receiving treatment from an experienced Physiotherapist is so important to getting the right results.

At The Crescent Clinic our Physiotherapist, Ian Brewer, treats a wide range of conditions including:

        ·       Sports injuries from all sports of all abilities

·       Neck and back pain

·       Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries

·       Joint pain

·       Post operative rehabilitation

·       Postural or muscle imbalance issues

·       Traumatic or chronic injuries

·       Whiplash and personal injuries

·       All paediatric musculoskeletal injuries

·       Repetitive strain or work related injuries

·       Whole body musculoskeletal screenings

After a detailed assessment, your treatment needs will be discussed and a tailor made rehabilitation plan created.


The treatment options we offer are designed to reduce your pain and improve your function. These may include:

 ·       Soft tissue massage

·       Deep tissue sports massage

·       Deep transverse frictions for ligaments

·       Acupuncture

·       Mobilisations of joints

·       Manipulation of joints

·       Electrotherapy

·       Exercises to develop strength or improve flexibility

·       Exercises to address postural or imbalance issues

·       Ergonomic and postural aids

·       Taping techniques