Becky Behan

Becky is a Sports Therapist and Injury Specialist

Becky has worked within the health industry for 10 years alongside other professionals to deliver Sports Therapy. She has treated a wide range of clients suffering with muscular problems from everyday activities to more specific sport and exercise related issues.

Having worked with amateur and professional athletes within many different disciplines of sport and exercise, Becky has a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience. She has worked with MMA professionals, triathletes, cricketers, swimmers, football and rugby players and professional dancers.

Her sports massage techniques have been hugely successful in the management of injury and soft tissue rehabilitation, which could have been as a result of occupational hazards, postural abnormalities or stress related muscular dysfunction.

For the last 4 years, Becky has also taught the level 4 qualification in sports massage at Bridgwater College, passing on all of her experience to future sports therapists, a role she finds very rewarding.

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