Katie Louise Yoga


I am a passionate yoga teacher wishing to inspire and spread my love of yoga and wellbeing to others around me. 


Everyone is welcome to my classes, whether it is the first time you are trying yoga, stepping back on the mat after a break or looking to challenge yourself deeper in your practice.


I hold Vinyasa Flow yoga classes in Taunton, Bishops Hull and Bradford on Tone and I am also available for private one to ones and corporate companies. 




What is vinyasa flow?


Vinyasa is translated as "breath synchronised movement"



VInyasa flow yoga uses sun salutations and linking of asanas to create an energising flow to create balance, strength and nuture the mind and body





My philosophy


My journey into yoga began as a way to relieve anxiety and stress from my frequent panic attacks, along the way I found that the physical asana practice was making a difference to the way I felt in my body, my strength grew, I felt more alive and was able to bring my attention back to the breath in times of anxiety. 


I have worked the 'rat race', done the traveling, long hours and as a parent understand the fullness of our everyday lives that keeps us running from here to there and before you know it a day, week, month passes and you have no idea where time has gone.


I believe that taking time out for yourself is not something that should just be fitted in. It is a necessity for our personal wellbeing to be at our best so that we can be the best possible parent, daughter, son, friend, sibling that we can be.



Through my yoga teaching I wish to inspire a renewed enthusasim for your wellbeing, to inspire that there is a possibility to let go and silence the chatting of the mind, inspire a responsibility for healthy eating andinner strengthinspire a life that is full of love and positive intention.


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